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Editing ancient letters like Old English, Gothic script or Fraktur is a labour-intensive process. We’ll take that out of your hands. We ensure optimal searchability of your Gothic books and documents, through self-learning language models. As lovers of ancient work and as scientists who have been working on ancient books for more than 25 years, we say: ‘This is a huge breakthrough in the field of ancient Gothic script (Fraktur).’

We offer a service that turns scientific research upside down. Gothic script that is searchable in a personal digital library (viewer). You no longer have to read these works several times from start to finish, shading (a thorn in the side of book lovers), make excerpts, or keep a (digital) card box. Thanks to our special viewer, as a scientist, archivist, interested person, or as a hobbyist you are able to carry out thorough research efficiently.

The possibilities of a searchable work are infinite and unparalleled. In the work of an author from 1500 onwards, you can now look for the use of words, the frequency of words, different spellings, but also search for specific concepts and expressions of that particular century or of that Gothic work. Also, detecting changes and developments, thought patterns of an author or century is within your grasp. All this with a single mouse click in our viewer. For a historian, researcher, archivist, librarian, or student, this is invaluable.

Besides recognising old letters from 1600 onwards, we can now OCR handwritten documents and search them in our viewer. Our BIQE Handwritten Text Recognition Software (HTR) is language-independent. The video shows a demo of our BIQE HTR Software:

Scan, edit, export and search your ancient work!

  • Scan

    With our professional BookEye scanners and our scanning software we scan your (very) old books in v-form. For example, we scan your old Gothic books at a 90-degree angle, which protects the spine of the book. Your books are in good hands.

  • Edit

    To make Gothic works searchable, it is very important to edit the images with professional software. We do this with our own developed editing software. We have more than 30 unique Image filters at our disposal!

  • Export

    Our unique method and intelligent language models guarantee an extremely low error rate of less than 1%. In the output process, we use the latest techniques and file types out there. We guarantee a nearly 100% hit percentage of your ancient Gothic work.

  • Search

    Whether you are a scientist, archivist, librarian or student, with our unique viewer searching ancient Gothic letters becomes child’s play. Your search results will be shown on your screen within seconds (ElasticSeach).

    Besides recognising old letters from 1600 onwards, we can now OCR handwritten documents with our BIQE HTR Software, which is language-independent.

Search Fraktur

In the examples below you can see a work by Johannes Lampe from 1727. Thanks to our special approach, the “error rate” is below 1%. This is unique to Gothic script!

The examples give an impression of how the search of Gothic script works:

Lampe 1727Lampe 1727

Search for Johannes

Lampe 1727Lampe 1727

Search for zalvinge

Lampe 18e eeuwLampe 1727

Search for doot

We have the knowledge, experience, software and service

Your old Gothic books or documents are professionally scanned, edited and made searchable by us (OCR). We import this work into your unique digital library (viewer) in which you can read and/or search all your books and documents efficiently and easily.


Unique software

In order to make old letters digitally accessible, it is important to edit the ‘images’ with professional software. Thanks to our own developed editing software, we get the most out of your often broken letters and pages affected by time or history. We can import, edit, and export 10,000 images at once. This allows us to work very efficiently and to offer our service at a competitive rate.


Experience and expertise

We love ancient books and letters, also in the languages Greek, Hebrew and Latin. It has been our passion for many years. You can be assured that your (very) old books are in good hands with us. We have more than 25 years of experience in the field of Blackletter like Gothic script, Gothic minuscule, Old English or Fraktur.

We use the latest techniques and developments to make old letters searchable. The combination of scanning, editing and a personal viewer, we can offer you a service that is unparalleled in the field of the Blackletter.

Get more out of your precious ancient work! Make them digitally accessible!
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